Unsure what size to order?

Your belt size will usually be an inch or two larger than your trouser waist size to allow for the belt to go around the waist as well as the trouser material.

Measure your waist in inches over your trousers at the position you normally wear your belt, i.e. if you wear your trousers on your hips measure at this point.

All our leather belts have 5 holes punched, where the "Belt Size" indicates the length in inches of the strap from where the buckle joins the strap (not including the length of the buckle) to the centre hole of the 5 holes, which is where you should wear your belt for the most comfortable fit. There will be approximately an additional 4 inches from the last hole to the end of the strap to allow for a comfortable overhang.

Our webbing belts have an additional 8 inches to the strap length to allow for the strap to loop through the buckles and still have a comfortable overhang.

Can't find your size?

Contact us, as we make many larger or smaller sizes to order on request.